Muse is silent

September 30, 2014 § 13 Comments

I haven’t posted for a while and if I end up being silent for a while longer, I wanted you my readers to know why.

Of the Aspects of G*d I have known directly, one of the most precious to me is Muse. My writing life and my spiritual life are very closely knitted: my writing turns and transforms and reveals my inner work and opens my path forward, and my path inspires my pen.

I recently wrote a Quaker piece (not for this blog) that was, I was shown, clearly out of the Life. This has prompted me to question the rest of my Quaker writing. My muse is confused.

So I find that I’m in a period of waiting, of standing still in the light, and putting this blog aside for awhile until the way becomes clear again.

§ 13 Responses to Muse is silent

  • Rachel says:

    Holding you.

  • How wonderful to hear the truth when it was spoke and to know how to wait silently in the Light until the way becomes clear again. Thanks for telling us.

  • I don’t know if “out of the Life” is good or bad. Like others, I hope that the silence gives you the message that you need.

  • Free Polazzo says:

    Holding you in the Light.

  • treegestalt says:

    It’s a very tricky relation… I had a piece of utter theological doggerel delivered to me in Meeting last week, somewhat irreverent & certainly silly, but it spoke to the assumptions of a previous message and I decided that (since I’d already gone to the Meeting ‘altar’ for a pencil & written it down) I owed it to the Meeting to let them hear it.

    A couple days ago, I was given an idea for a serious theological piece, delayed starting it a little too long, found myself bogged down in a dead-end alley. So that has joined a list of drafts I hope to work out further when way opens.

    The musician in the Gilbert&Sullivan partnership (I forget who was who, sorry) always wanted to write serious religious music, regretted having to waste his time writing all that silly stuff… but of all the hymns he produced, ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ was probably the peak…

    One can have a fine gift of wording things artistically — clearly a desirable thing — but then a chance to let God put it to work is another matter. Things need to move forward for God’s purposes, in God’s timing. You’ll certainly need to do the work yourself — but this will go better when you feel the wind behind you & know that what you’re receiving is ripe!

  • Steven, Thank you for the reminder of this vital connection ( I am also a Quaker writer wtih a mystical bent, though climate change and imminent extinction devour all else). I honor your decision. For me, the good side is I can now read several months of your posts that I have not had time to get to. I will start at the beginning, and if I dont get the Muse coming through towards the end, I’ll start deleting. It has been hard to delete the Flaming Sword!
    My last 2 posts on the Climate March. Before that, my half-jest on the apogee of civilization….1987:

    Bob McGahey
    Celo MM, NC

  • pilgrim52 says:

    Did you mean ‘out of the Life’ or ‘out of the Light’? Are these Quaker terms? I have not heard them before. I frequently write things that I regret, however, I admire your writing discipline in putting only those things ‘in the Light/Life’ out there.

  • barbarakay1 says:

    But who told thee thou was out of the Light?

  • barbara menzel says:

    Sometimes silent waiting is the best thing to do. I will hold you in the Light

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