“That of God” — A reprise of past posts

March 15, 2017 § 1 Comment

In 2015, I published a few posts on the phrase that of God in every person, and I took a look at those posts, now that I find myself returning to the subject.

Here’s a link to an aggregation of all the posts with the category “that of God”, for readers who are interested in what I wrote back then. The posts appear in reverse chronological order, so scroll to the bottom to read them in the order I wrote them. Several reiterate (or more accurately, “pro”-iterate, since they came first) the points I covered in my post quoting Lewis Benson. These posts also have a very lively conversation in the comments.

I want to bring readers’ attention to one post in particular: “That of God”—What Next? I am still very interested in the question, what next? So, since we’re not turning this train around; since liberal Friends DO believe in that of God in everyone, never mind the historical amnesia involved, the sloppy theology, and the distortion of our tradition, how do we justify and explain this belief? Where’s the evidence for this continuing revelation? The link directly above explores these questions in a little depth.


§ One Response to “That of God” — A reprise of past posts

  • treegestalt says:

    Okay, I have met plenty of Quakers who didn’t know what the expression meant but thought it was something they were supposed to believe it to be Quakers. And clearly the phrase meant something quite different to George Fox.

    What does this have to do with someone who sees the phrase as both meaningful and true, regardless of either its Foxian or its contemporary-Quakerarian senses.

    You can find the essence of it in Rabbi Shmelke of Nikolsburg (or in Jesus, if you read him in that sense.) They aren’t talking about some Gnostic or Kaballist doctrine of holy sparks; but about God’s immanence and unbounded compassion, about God’s utter embodiment in each human being (among other things.) They aren’t saying that God is confined-to or limited-by being “within” each human being; but they are saying that’s a place where God is to be found. In that sense I find it simply axiomatic. (I don’t, of course, read this as implying that we are all-knowing or even necessarily nice. But what lives in us wants to grow that direction.)

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