The Gathered Meeting—A Pendle Hill Pamphlet

May 1, 2017 § 1 Comment

I have been on vacation for several weeks and also not led to write anything particular lately, but I do have a bit of news: Pendle Hill has published an essay of mine on The Gathered Meeting as Pendle Hill Pamphlet number 444, published in April 2017. Here is a link to their page for the pamphlet.

Much of this pamphlet first appeared as a series of entries in Through the Flaming Sword under the Category The Gathered Meeting. Note that entries for this and other categories appear with the most recent entry at the top, so to read them in the order in which they were published, you have to start at the bottom.

In several of those entries, I found myself exploring the role of the Christ in the gathered meeting and I did not include that material in the pamphlet submission, both because of limits on the length of the piece and because those thoughts really were an exploration that evolved as I was writing and they never quite coalesced into something that felt solid and experience-based enough to trust as a contribution to the pamphlet.

I am still thinking about how we were gathered at first as a people of God by the spirit of the Christ and how we are gathered today. I think these are important questions, but the answers I have so far are useful to me, but still only an unfinished personal exploration, and in the pamphlet I wanted to be as useful to others as possible. I do plan to return to this theme of the Christ and the gathered meeting and write more about it.

§ One Response to The Gathered Meeting—A Pendle Hill Pamphlet

  • Ellis Hein says:

    Steven, Thus says the Lord, “The day will come when you will find no middle ground. You will either have to accept me for whom I am or reject me. You will no longer be able to admire my servants and be aloof to me, the one who sent them to proclaim the everlasting gospel.” In the constraints of the dread and almighty power of God I send these words.

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