The Well at the Center

October 7, 2018 § 3 Comments

There is at the center of the meeting for worship a well, a spiritual well, a well of living water, as Jesus referred to it in his conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well in the gospel of John.

We come to the well, to meeting for worship, for spiritual refreshment. We come with a cup, as it were, made of our attention, our intention, made of ears open and hearts yearning to hear and be filled.

While there, some of us may find that we are called to be the server. With our vocal ministry, we are called to lower our bucket into the depths, to raise up this living water, and to ladle it out.

The deeper we lower the bucket, the cooler the water, the richer the savor, the deeper the refreshment.

§ 3 Responses to The Well at the Center

  • Su says:

    i love the well. i love lowering my bucket. i love drinking deeply and fully. alone and with others. i love the river living water! that is always flowing. and intentionally enjoyed!

  • Steven, your application of the metaphor Jesus gave in John 4 is in accord with meaning he intended.

  • Greg Robie says:

    Paradoxically, and apophatically, the truth of TheWell is that there is no well.

    Living water simply is. Cataphatically, wells are … but, and at best, as [potentially] helpful metaphors. The shared Delta brain wave harmonic that defines a gathered meeting is, within the metaphor of TheWell, limiting of the concept and experience of TheCenter.

    TheWell can be considered a portal from the desert of dry bones to a place that can only be perceived through a glass darkly. TheWell can also be treated as a rabbit hole to a source refreshment within our desert [of trusted thinking and feelings (motivated reasoning)]. In my experience it is are better to see TheWell as a wormhole to a dark night journey of spiritual maturation; to thinking and feeling differently; through death to rebirth; to metanoia.

    Or, change your whole way of thinking, feeling, and sense of health (one’s trusted neuropeptide addiction patterns), the new order of the Spirit is impinging upon you (i.e., there is no well) — a paraphrase of Matthew 4:17, Cotton Patch Version. Isn’t repentance of what comforts preceded by poverty, sorrow, meekness, a hunger and thirst for righteousness, a predilection for mercy, a pure/perfected heart? Isn’t this why those who are rich/privileged turn away from seeking Truth? (And I”ve seen a hemlock live for two years completely separated off from its roots with its boughs immersed in the cool waters of pool at the foot of a waterfall in a shaded, north-facing glen.)


    FWIW, my initial read of this poetic post had me hearing something like, “So these Friends walk into a bar and …”. This I set aside to write what I’ve shared. But now for some fun imagining possible lines- that-punch:

    • the bartender asks, what’s your poison?” • one says to the others, this round of my favorite top shelf spirit is on me.” • they announce to the barkeep that they want glasses for the BYOB thing they are into.”

    • others …?


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