Gathered Meeting Algebra

April 17, 2021 § 5 Comments

This post is just a piece of fun. Don’t take it too seriously.

Because I use some complicated table formatting, I’m not entering the post in this web page, but rather providing it for download as a Word file here. Using a Word doc allowed me to display the mathematical expressions properly. In order to see the formulas properly, you might also need to disable View Gridlines in the Table Layout ribbon tab or wherever that feature is in your version of Word.

Download the post as a Word doc.

§ 5 Responses to Gathered Meeting Algebra

  • Greg Robie says:

    Light-hearted, or not, AND simplistic, the x-factor defines a gathered group’s experience of a shared Delta brain wave length high. Another factor “ę” (for gray-beard experience/practice) effects a positive feedback > social relevance. Or, xę > x. Because x —> xnę, where n = the number of experienced gray-beards (shaved, expressed or plucked), AND, this is theologically mostly denied [to preserve and protect the ‘mystery factor’ ($)], $/xnę > xnę.

    And this is why the Renewal Committee we both served on came into being (as well as the previous iterations of it!): justice.

    With justice > over time, while $ < popcorn meetings for worship. The clarity of the inner light of youth (L), disturbs the inner light of the ę (l). Lëÿ within < $ is perceived by ę as a stop relative to x.

    Or, lnę – Lnëÿ , the RSOF periodically enters periods of crisis (POC). How POCs are responded to, as long as the growth of membership has been slow, trends toward ‘solutions’ that address the experiential needs of a comfortable/$ & pious/♀ ę as x. Stated differently, the sense of the meeting trends toward x = Σ(lę + lę + lę + etc.).

    Or, red pill real./?


    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself

    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


  • quakerroys says:

    Hello Friend –  Any chance that I might copy this into our Lancaster UK local meeting newsletter? In friendship,Roy Stephenson

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