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July 14, 2020 § Leave a comment

Well, not completely shameless. I hope you don’t mind.

Poet. Besides being a blogger, I’m a poet, and a publisher has picked up one of my books of poetry. The book’s working title is The Road to Continental Heart: Befriending, and Defending, the Spirit of North America. It’s not just a book of poetry, actually; it also includes photos, maps, and some other elements besides poetry. It will be published this fall by Boyle and Dalton as a coffee table-style book in a larger format than is usual for poetry and on fine paper, to do right by the images. See below for more about the book.

The publisher. Boyle and Dalton is a “hybrid” publisher, which means that they manage the development, design, production, and distribution of the book, and I contribute some of the production costs, I set the price, and I get a larger than usual percentage of the royalties.

The pitch. The production costs are a stretch for Christine and me, so I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help support the book’s publication. I am posting to let my readers know about the campaign in case you might be interested in being a backer. The platform is Indiegogo, much like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, but better adapted to this kind of project.

About the book

More about the project. Here are some links to learn more:

The story in a nutshell. In 1990, my friend George Lawrence joined the Global Walk for a Livable World, a calling* of environmental activists walking across the country to raise consciousness about our ecological crises. I wanted to join him, but couldn’t. So I wrote him poems. Once a week for nine months—42 poems, most of them based upon research I did on the next leg of his walk.

*   “Calling” is my own term of venery for a group of environmental activists, as in pod of whales, murder of crows, exaltation of larks.

The vision. As only a book of poetry and pictures can do, Continental Heart seeks to appeal to the heart, the mind, and the soul. The poems are personal; they’re about friendship and the intimate knowledge of the land you can only get by walking through it. They are cosmic, about comet strikes and petrified forests and the long ages of geological change. They are lyrical, love poems to the land we live on. They are political—how do we defend the land we love? They are as concrete as heat and sore feet. They are as transcendental as the sense of presence that binds a people to its land base. The Road to Continental Heart invites the reader to walk that road and enter with the heart into a relationship with the continent we live on.

Some perks. Some perks come with the various levels of contribution, as you will see from the campaign site. Contributions of any size are very deeply appreciated.

So that’s my pitch. Thanks for reading this far in my post. And thanks in advance for your support, if you should choose to help publish Continental Heart.

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